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– The renter/lessee does not have to have a boating license to rent our boats.

– All of our boats have a passenger limit of 6 persons maximum.
– Boats and engines are fully serviced before each delivery.
– The boat will be delivered to the renter/lessee fully fueled, the cost of fuel consumed during the fare is an extra charge borne/paid separately by the renter/lessee at the return of the boat.

– We are not responsible for any damage to the boat and its equipment that it’s caused by the fault of the renter/lessee during the fare as well as for the loss of equipment or personal belongings of the passengers while on board. Such incident it’s the solely responsibility of the renter/lessee.

– There is a price list for the loss of some equipment and common damages to the boat with the lease/rental contract agreement in the boat.

– Any fine resulting from the port authorities for non-compliance with the maritime rules and laws, it’s the solely responsibility of the renter/lessee.


– All our boats are covered by Third Party Liability insurance with the following terms per accident.
– Personal/bodily injuries, Death of passengers coverage for the rental boat and any third parties involved in an accident, per person 50,000 Euros.
– Material/property damages of third parties (the rental boat itself it’s excluded) maximum coverage of 150,000 Euros.
– Cause of marine pollution maximum coverage of 150,000 Euros.
– The insurance does not cover any damage/accident to the boat that its caused by the renter/lessee operator of the boat as well as the loss of personal belongings of the passengers.

– A maritime police report is needed in case of an accident.


– We must complete the lease/rental contract agreement giving full details, exact dates, boat selection, number of people.
– To complete the reservation of a boat you most to pay 50 Euros in advance as deposit.  

– The remaining amount due is paid as soon as you receive the boat.
– Booking which is canceled 14 days before the reservation, we will refund the entire deposit.
– Booking which is canceled 7 days before the reservation, we will refund 25 Euros.
– Booking which is canceled 3 days before the reservation, deposit will not be refundable.

– For any clarification or further information please contact us
– All payments can be made in cash, credit/debit card, or bank account transfer.

– Boat rental for ages under 18 is prohibited.

To complete the Boat Rental Agreement, please send us the following absolutely necessary documents:

– Two-sided copy of the ID card.
– 50 Euros payment as deposit.


– Upon arrival at the designated point of receipt of the boat you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for renting the boat as well as to settle any financial issues.
– Upon receipt of the boat a detailed demonstration of the boat and the equipment is made.

– A declaration of acceptance of the boat and a list of the equipment are given for signing.

– There is also a detailed briefing on safety procedures and information on the use of the boat and the documents/licenses given to you.

– The boat is delivered by us, with full fuel 25l tank, to further facilitate the process.
– It is worth noting that the previous actions can be done any previous day at the request of the renter/lessee, with the aim of speeding up the departure on the day of departure.



– When the renter/lessee returns/delivers the boat back to us the leaser/owner, the condition of the boat and its equipment is checked to ensure everything is in working order.

– The fuel consumed during the voyage is undertaken by a representative of Kardamili Boat Rentals together with the renter/lessee.

– The cost of fuel is borne/paid exclusively by the renter/lessee.
Note: We do not bear/assume the responsibility for any mechanical or other damage that it’s caused by the renter/lessee or the passengers while on board during the fare. Also, the insurance of personal belongings upon arrival and during the fare it’s the responsibility of the renter/lessee.



– The rental and departure of the boat is carried out normally, when at the point of receipt, the intensity of the winds does not exceed the permitted limits and is allowed by the port authorities.

– In case of adverse weather conditions, which prohibit the departure on the day of the start of your booking reservation, the full amount that has been pre-paid is refunded or the renter can postpone for another day given that there is availability.

–The return of the boat earlier than the predetermined time regardless of the reason does not mean a refund of the amount or part of the amount paid for the rental.



According to the General Regulation of Ports (G.K.L.) no. 38 regulating the rental of motor boats and small speedboats:
– The lessor/owner must deliver the boat to the lessee with:
(a) Copy of the insurance policy
(b) Copy of the lease
(c) Copies of the General Regulations of Ports (G.K.L.) no. 20, 23,29 that regulate the movement and circulation of motor boats and speedboats as well as the G.K.L. no. 38.


The use of rescue materials in case of emergency or risk of loss of human life is not charged. Any fine resulting from the port authorities due to unforeseen/improper use of the above materials are borne solely by the renter/lessee. Fines of the port authorities for non-compliance with the maritime rules and laws are borne solely by the renter/lessee. Fines for lack of boat equipment are borne by the lessor/owner.

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