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This is a picture of Kardamili Boat Rentals Kalamitsi boat at a beautiful clear blue, sandy beach in Mani.
This is an imag of our Kardamili Boat Rentals orange boat called Kalogria, cruising through dark blue waters in Kalamitsi Beach Mani.
Our Team

Meet the Kardamili Boat Rentals Team

This is Christos, one of our tea members, looking at the camera while standing inside the "Kalogria" boat, at Kardamili Boat Harbor. In the background there are some houses of Kardamili village. Christos is smiling.

Christos Papanestoros

Christos, despite his roots in Athens and many years living in Rhodes, has cherished Kardamili since he was 5 years old. With 35 years of experience in sea activities, including scuba diving and boat touring, Christos is a certified scuba instructor and a skilled coxswain. He speaks both Greek and English fluently. When you reach the marina of Kardamili, you'll find Christos either on one of the boats, underwater, or next to his favorite Land Rover Defender.

This is Ariel, one of our tea members, looking at the camera while sitting inside the "Delfinia" boat, at Kardamili Boat Harbor. Ariel is smiling.

Ariel Castillo

Ariel, originally from the Dominican Republic, grew up in the US and lived there until two years ago. That's when he and his wife Stella, who originates from Stoupa, decided to move here to Mani! Ariel loves the sea and is always very passionate about what he's doing. He speaks English, Spanish, and is doing really well with Greek too. You will recognize him by his big, friendly smile!

This is our crew member Stavros Kitsigiannis in our Meropi Boat at Kardamili Harbor.

Stavros Kitsigiannis

Stavros, born and raised in Mani, brings his extensive tourism experience to our team. Formerly a butler in the French Alps, he now loves working by the sea. Stavros is familiar with the area and can assist you in Greek and English. He’s passionate about his old motorcycle, padel tennis, cooking, his cats, and his tattoos. You’ll easily recognize him!

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